The Journey Down Under

We have arrived safely in Australia in the city of Sydney. It’s a mild 50 degrees and feels a lot like San Francisco. Many things are different here: steering wheels, left sided roads, wonderful accents. But nothing prepared us for the upside-down nature of a continent fully in the Southern Hemisphere. It may take a while before everything feels right-side up.

On the way to the Aquarium

Today (Monday) we hit the Aquarium and visited Chinatown before getting tired around 3:30pm localtime. We got back around 4 and fell asleep for 4 hours. End of day 1.


And here’s the rest of the photographs!

CRW_0090-2 CRW_0083-2 CRW_0081-2 CRW_0079-2 CRW_0078-2 CRW_0077-2 CRW_0073-2 CRW_0072-2 CRW_0071-2 CRW_0070-2 CRW_0069-2 CRW_0068-2 CRW_0067-2 CRW_0065-2 CRW_0064-2 CRW_0063-2 CRW_0062-2 CRW_0061-2 CRW_0060-2 CRW_0059-2 CRW_0057-2 CRW_0056-2 CRW_0054-2 CRW_0052-2 CRW_0051-2 CRW_0049-2 CRW_0048-2 CRW_0047-2 CRW_0046-2 CRW_0044-2 CRW_0042-2 CRW_0040-2 CRW_0039-2 CRW_0038-2 CRW_0036-2 CRW_0023-2 CRW_0022-2 CRW_0021-2 CRW_0019-2 _MG_1708 _MG_1705 _MG_1704 _MG_1702 _MG_1701 _MG_1698 _MG_1697 _MG_1696 _MG_1695 _MG_1694 _MG_1693 _MG_1691 _MG_1684 _MG_1677 _MG_1673 _MG_1672 _MG_1671 _MG_1669 _MG_1664 _MG_1662 _MG_1661 _MG_1660 _MG_1659 _MG_1657 _MG_1656 _MG_1655 _MG_1654 _MG_1652 _MG_1651 _MG_1649 _MG_1647 _MG_1645 _MG_1637 _MG_1623 _MG_1619 _MG_1616 _MG_1615 _MG_1613 _MG_1612 _MG_1611 _MG_1609 _MG_1603 _MG_1600 _MG_1599 _MG_1598 _MG_1596 _MG_1594 _MG_1590 _MG_1589 _MG_1588 _MG_1586 _MG_1584 _MG_1583 _MG_1582 _MG_1580 _MG_1578 _MG_1569 _MG_1568 _MG_1563 _MG_1562 _MG_1561 _MG_1559 _MG_1557 _MG_1556 _MG_1554 _MG_1553 _MG_1547 _MG_1544 _MG_1538 _MG_1536 _MG_1528 _MG_1526 _MG_1524 _MG_1520 _MG_1518 _MG_1516 _MG_1515 _MG_1513 _MG_1512 _MG_1510 _MG_1507 _MG_1506 _MG_1503 _MG_1497 _MG_1495 _MG_1493 _MG_1491 _MG_1490 _MG_1486 _MG_1482 _MG_1481 _MG_1480 _MG_1478 _MG_1475 _MG_1468 _MG_1467 _MG_1462 _MG_1460 _MG_1449 _MG_1444 _MG_1443 _MG_1442 _MG_1441 _MG_1440 _MG_1439 _MG_1438 _MG_1437 _MG_1436 _MG_1435 _MG_1434 _MG_1433 _MG_1432 _MG_1430 _MG_1429 _MG_1428 _MG_1427 _MG_1424 _MG_1423 _MG_1421 _MG_1419 _MG_1418 _MG_1417 _MG_1414 _MG_1410 _MG_1409 _MG_1407 _MG_1406 _MG_1404 _MG_1402 _MG_1399 _MG_1398 _MG_1397 _MG_1396 _MG_1394 _MG_1392 _MG_1391 _MG_1390 _MG_1389 _MG_1388 _MG_1383 _MG_1380 _MG_1375 _MG_1370 _MG_1368 _MG_1367 _MG_1365 _MG_1364 _MG_1363 _MG_1362 _MG_1361 _MG_1355 _MG_1354 _MG_1352 _MG_1351 _MG_1349 _MG_1348 _MG_1346 _MG_1342 _MG_1340 _MG_1339 _MG_1336 _MG_1334 _MG_1332 _MG_1331 _MG_1330 _MG_1329 _MG_1324 _MG_1323 _MG_1322 _MG_1321 _MG_1320 _MG_1319 _MG_1318 _MG_1317 _MG_1314 _MG_1310 _MG_1309 _MG_1308 _MG_1306 _MG_1305 _MG_1303 _MG_1302 _MG_1301 _MG_1300 _MG_1298 _MG_1296 _MG_1291 _MG_1289 _MG_1285 _MG_1279 _MG_1278 _MG_1276 _MG_1274 _MG_1273 _MG_1272 _MG_1267 _MG_1266 _MG_1263 _MG_1262 _MG_1254 _MG_1253 _MG_1251 _MG_1249 _MG_1241 _MG_1239 _MG_1237 _MG_1234 _MG_1231 _MG_1229 _MG_1228


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