Battlefield Crazy mouse lag Fix

I’ve finally had a chance to play Battlefield 3 for a few days and it’s been given me mixed emotions. On one side, I really enjoy the teamwork based combat that I get to experience playing with my friends and brother. Unfortunately, and this has tainted my experience thus far, I am one of the players encountering a severe (some would say extreme) input lag that is occurs at the most in-opportune times. I decided that this couldn’t possibly be normal and began my google trawl to investigate further.

One comment on a forum post mentioned they disabled Origin ingame for battlefield 3


Before I show you my research I’ll give my system specs so you know what case scenario this represents. I’m running an unoverclocked Intel Quad Core Q6600 paired with a NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT. Nothing fancy, but it will play battlefield 3 according to the minimum specs. Of course, that means playing at low settings, although I am doing a resolution of 1680×1050.

The first solution offered to me was to lower the render ahead limit to 1. However this did little to stop my issue.

After this I was able to correlate the issue down to the fact that whenever my cpu was hitting 97%+ or so, this was when the problems occurred. Now I knew what was causing it. Now to isolate why. I read through a multitude of forums, all suggesting different fixes. From removing usb controllers (joysticks or gamepads), neither of which I had plugged in, to overclocking the CPU. One thing is for certain however: BF3 is CPU intensive and less GPU intensive.

I decided to try the Beta drivers, which was 1 version down from the official released by NVIDIA. It lessened the times the mouse input lag occurred, but did not eliminate.

One comment on a forum post mentioned they disabled Origin ingame for battlefield 3 and that did the trick for them. So I tried it. A simple fix really. Now the game runs silky smooth, and feels just like battlefield 2 bad company before it.

Click the gear Icon in Origin, then click settings. Go to the ingame tab and disable ingame either entirely, or for Battlefield 3.


Let me know if this solves it for you with this specific hardware, or with other hardware.

Image Credits: Razer


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