Portal 2 Screenshots

I really enjoyed playing Portal back when it came out so I was definitely excited to see how the sequel Portal 2 would come out later in the future. I particularly like Valve’s storytelling style where you as the character interact with the environment to discover the story rather than being told information through cut-scenes. This style started with Half-Life and continued on through that series and into the Portal franchise as well.

By either listening to audio played overhead, listening to character interaction, or reading signage, you as the player become immersed in the game world very much in the same way as you  would if you were actually the character in the game. Real life provides no narratives or cut-scenes for you. It’s what you experience that defines how you live and learn.

Portal 2, much like the first game appears to have simple aesthetics, which in actuality look very nice. There’s some sort of soothing color choices used here that I just find rather appealing.  Here’s a sampling of some of the things I encountered along the way.

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Chell Self Portaltrait
Chell Self Portaltrait




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