Star Trek The Next Generation: The Best of Both Worlds Remastered Screening

[alert alert_type=”info” ]Locutus of Borg – Image by Garry Brown Colored by Mike Spicer [/alert]

The two-parter The Best of Both Worlds is arguably one of the most powerful cliffhanger episodes in Star Trek: The Next Generation. When it originally was in development there was uncertainty whether or not Patrick Stewart would even be back for the follow-up episode the next season. Showcasing the Borg, one of the most feared enemies created, this episode touched upon cybernetics, ethics, and the nature of man. It is certainly one of my favorite two-parters, although I find it difficult to pick a favorite between the other cliffhanger episodes; they are just that riveting.

Part one sets up the episode to make it clear that should Picard die in the conclusion the show could continue although radically altered. Clearly Riker was being setup for command while Lt. Shelby is brought in as a possible 1st office candidate. These things  should scare the viewer as it could mean the writers have written in a fail-safe for a soon to be gone actor.

I don’t want to spoil part two, but it definitely resolves itself. And the follow-up episodes make this story arc more poignant. This is definitely a must watch!

Anyway, the reason I write of this is because in two weeks from this writing there will be an in theater screening of both parts completely remastered with new CGI effects and in glorious HD. Ticket prices are at the normal rate of 12.50, but having seen the episodes before and having seen the  HD remasters thus far I can only go in with high hopes.

Check here to see which theater in your city is playing the movie at 7pm on April 25th, 2013!



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