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Conor Myhrvold over at Ars Technica did a really interesting experiment recently regarding “free” downloads. In essence he searched around for free wallpapers, free screensavers, etc; whatever a technologically inept person would typically search for. Unsurprisingly, bundled along with his free download came a lot of 3rd party software, many of which was adware. His experiment demonstrates the relative ease it is for a user to get infected with all sorts of unwanted programs; some of which the user may not know they have downloaded.

This leads us to a few trends:

  1. Technologically illiterate users tend to follow predictable trends
  2. Technologically advanced users prey on these predictable trends
  3. This has been spreading from computers to facebook and mobile platforms


  1. Don’t just download anything that is slated “free”
  2. Check to find if the source of the download is reputable
  3. Have strong antivirus and anti-adware software
  4. When installing bundled software, uncheck the additional installers

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