Xbox Series X Controller Does Not Work with Some Games in Windows 10 While on Bluetooth

The Problem

I had been having trouble with my old Xbox 360 wired controllers — as time goes on, the cables can get weakened, damaged, and fail. Since the new Series X controllers were on sale for $50 I figured it would be an opportunity to try it out. After all, I had an extra ASIO Bluetooth adapter lying around gathering dust.

However what I quickly discovered was that the left and right triggers were non-functional in the RPG I was about to play: The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. I was really looking forwarding to completing the game again, but I really wanted to use the speed boost that is built in to the PC version of the game and mapped to the right trigger by default.

What I found was that although the controller was showing up in the Trails configuration tool, it was showing up as a generic controller and when testing re-mapping, no input was detected in the tool.

Incorrect/Generic controller settings

I verified that the controller was otherwise working properly. Tests using Windows built-in Game Controller settings page showed the inputs being properly detected.

Windows sees the inputs

For a while, I was stumped.

Plugging the controller in via USB-C allowed it to be detected properly, but that defeated the point of me purchasing a wireless controller.

The Solution!

I loaded up Halo, and verified that I could use the controller perfectly fine, so the problem must be with the game.

Then I remembered that Steam has a Controller settings as well as support for controllers with their “Big Picture” feature.

Opening up settings, I went to controller and clickecd the “General Controller Settings”

Check Xbox config and Xbox Extended

I check-marked Xbox Configuration Support and Xbox Extended Feature Support. Steam prompted that it would need to restart in order to complete the configuration. BE WARNED! This is a system reboot, not a Steam reboot, and it is instant.

Correct Xbox mappings

After the installation, loaded up Trails configuration tool, validated that the mappings were correct and continued to enjoy my game. Thanks Steam!


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