Audio Spectrum Analysis Reveals Batman Image

It was recently revealed that a new site: went online. If you navigate there all you find is a black screen with an audio file playing. If one takes the audio file and displays the spectrum analysis of the clip you would find the hashtag #thefirerises imbedded in it. This leads to @thefirerises twitter account which generates a mosaic of Tom Hardy as Bane. That’s cool and all, but what really got me going was the hashtag embedded in the audio file. I wasn’t sure if someone leaked an image like that to clue people in to the twitter account, or if someone actually did a spectrum analysis. Well, it’s true. The hashtags exist, and I will show you how to see it for yourself with three popular applications: 1. Adobe Soundbooth 2. Soundtrack Pro 3. Audacity.


The first thing you will need to do is grab the audio file itself. You have a couple options, so go to the dark knight site and figure it out. Click on the page and then save the wav file to somewhere you will find easily such as your desktop. Now fire up your favorite audio editing program, of which audacity on my list is free.


Adobe Soundbooth Instructions

Import the audio into your timeline. By default you will have the waveform view as below.


Click View –> Spectral Frequency Display


And there you have it, hashtags revealed


Now for Soundtrack Pro. Once again, import your audio to the timeline. By default you will see the waveform.


Click View –> File Editor Display –> Show Spectrum


Voila! Instant Hashtags!


Finally, Audacity. Import the audio into the timeline.



Click the down arrow on the current track and select spectrum


And here. We. Go.


More info on the Bane image can be found here: [io9]


The hidden text will show up as audio noise when you listen to the .wav file.


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